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4 Tips For Deep Carpet Cleaning

As a homeowner, keeping your carpets clean is so important. This is because the longer you keep your carpets clean, then the less likely you will have to replace them in the near future. Be sure that you regularly vacuum while also providing a deep clean at least once a month. Here are four tips to help you get the best possible deep clean for your carpets:

  1. Deep Clean at the Right Time: Don't deep clean the carpets if the weather is really humid. This is going to build up excess moisture in the carpets and allow mold to potentially grow. Your carpet won't dry as they should after you have them steam cleaned. It's best to do it on a warm day without any humidity so that you can open up the windows and allow the carpets to dry thoroughly and effectively. 
  2. Vacuum First: Before you ever start with spot cleaning or steam cleaning the carpets, you must be sure that you vacuum first. This is because you want to remove all the loose, surface dirt. If you don't, the steam cleaning can actually just push this surface dirt down into the carpets and stain. 
  3. Spot Clean: After vacuuming, it's important that you focus on the dirtiest areas of the carpet first. This allows for extra time to soak and dry. It's best to use spot cleaning carpet cleaners that you can purchase at your home goods store. Also, consider choosing spot cleaners that have enzymes in them if you have pets that are prone to accidents. Pets who have accidents often tend to keep going to the same spots they've had accidents before. If you use a carpet cleaner with enzymes, it gets rid of the smell and prevents your pets from going in the same areas. 
  4. Call the Professionals: If you find that your carpets aren't getting as clean as you would like or the carpets are really dirty and require more work and effort than you are willing to put in, then always hire the professionals. Professional carpet cleaners have higher powered cleaning tools that are much more effective. This can cut cleaning time down ensuring that you have a clean carpet that night. 

By following these carpet cleaning tips, you can be sure that you clean your carpets effectively and are able to keep your carpets around for a much longer period of time before wanting to replace them.