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5 Quick Tips For Dealing With A Pet Accident On Your Oriental Rug

If you decide to keep an Oriental rug in a room where your dogs or cats also roam, prepare for the inevitable accident. It only takes one illness or frightening thunder storm to create a puddle of urine that can damage your rug permanently. Proper emergency clean-up procedures will preserve the rug and protect its value.

Grab A Wet Vacuum

Start by removing any lingering moisture with a wet vacuum. Keep one on hand if you own indoor animals so you're always prepared. The same vacuum works wonders when you spill a glass of wine or orange juice on the rug too.

Rinse The Spot

If you didn't catch your pet in the act and some of the urine has dried, your best bet is to rinse the rug out before it can crystallize and damage the fibers. Take the rug outdoors on a patio or on a tarp spread out over your lawn. Rinse the spot only until the water running through is clear and doesn't smell like urine, then let the rug dry in partial sun or hang it indoors until it's no longer damp.

Add Some Vinegar

When rinsing urine out of an Oriental rug, you should always include a little vinegar in the water to prevent the vibrant dyes from washing out with the mix. One cup of white vinegar per gallon of water is enough to help neutralize the unpleasant odors as well. Don't add any other products or chemicals like bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

Try A Towel

If you're lacking a wet vacuum and can't take the rug outside to rinse it, do whatever you can to blot the spot with a towel. An old bath towel works fine, but you'll likely use up an entire roll of paper towels if that's all you have on hand. Even a rag cut from a cotton t-shirt can absorb some of the pet's mess before the rug soaks it up.

Get Professional Cleaning

Finally, take the rug for professional cleaning as soon as possible after the accident. Following all these steps reduces the damage, but it can't completely remove all traces of the urine. Thorough professional cleaning eliminates even the faintest traces of the accident, preserving the value of the rug and discouraging your pet from using it as a bathroom again. Other chemical treatments damage the rug fibers and leave behind urine odors and enzymes. For assistance, contact a cleaner in your area, such as Spotless Carpet Cleaners & Janitorial Services Inc.