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Carpet Problems And How You Can Repair Them

You love your carpet, and you want to keep it in great condition so it will last you for many years. On average, you can expect your carpet to last for up to 5 years. How much foot traffic you have in your home and the quality of your carpet can affect the overall lifespan of your carpet, as can how well you take care of common carpet issues. Here are a few carpet problems you may encounter and how you can repair them so your carpet can last longer.

Carpet burns

A carpet burn can happen for a variety of reasons. A space heater can get knocked over on the floor and leave a nasty burn, or a heat lamp for a pet can leave marks on your carpet without your realizing it. Once the burn is in place, the only way to repair it is to remove the affected area and replace it with healthy carpet. A carpet installation or cleaning expert can cut out the burned spot in your carpet and use excess carpet you have in storage or a closely-matching piece to replace what is missing. With expert repair, the resulting replacement is nearly seamless and practically invisible.

Ink stains

Ink stains are nearly impossible to remove from carpet and can make fresh carpet look dingy and unattractive. A carpet cleaning expert can use special chemicals to gently lift the stain, or they can recommend home tips for you to remove it yourself, such as fingernail polish remover or dish washing detergent. If a professional cleaning doesn't work, your carpet expert will do a patch repair, which works similarly to removing a carpet burn. Before attempting to remove any ink stains from your carpet on your own you should contact your carpet cleaning expert to ensure that the chemicals you want to use will not harm your carpet fibers.

Pet stains

The most damaging thing about pet stains isn't the marks and smell left behind, it's the bacteria that can make your family sick. Pet stains can't simply be covered up; before long the odor and ammonia-like smell of a pet stain will return no matter how hard you clean. This is because pet stains typically leak into your carpet padding and remain there until they are expertly removed. A professional carpet-cleaning service will use a hydro-vacuum to suck up the pet stain and saturate the area with chemicals to combat the odor-causing bacteria. They will also remove affected padding and replace it with healthy padding so your carpet can be free of pet odors for good.

Your carpet will last much longer when you address common carpet issues quickly. From ink stains to pet odors, your carpet repair, installation or cleaning expert can help fix your carpet so you can keep it in its best condition longer.