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Use Furniture Polish For More Than Just Wood

Cleaning your home is a task that you may not look forward to, and you probably don't relish the thought of buying a lot of cleaning supplies. However, if you have a can of furniture polish, you can clean items inside and outside the home in addition to your wooden tables, banisters, and furniture. So, get out your can of furniture polish and get to work cleaning these items.


Use lemon scented furniture polish on mirrors to not only make them shiny but also to make them smell wonderful. Simply apply a light coat of polish on the mirror and gently wipe clean with a dry, soft cloth. You may need to repeat this process for a streak-free shine. Be careful not to spray the polish on the wall as the oil can soak into the paint or drywall. 

Squeaky Hinges

Oil based furniture polish is just the solution you need for the irritating squeaky door hinge. Simply spray the polish over the hinge while keeping the door in motion to allow the oily polish to fully enter into the hinges. This is a simple fix any time your doors get noisy. This solution should keep your hinges squeak-free for quite some time.

Wipe the polish off with a dry cloth to clean your hinges. Dust can collect in these areas, as well as mini spider webs, so furniture polish removes them with ease.

Vehicle and Other Chrome

Furniture polish keeps chrome details on cars or motorcycles shiny and spot free. Be sure the chrome is clean and dry before applying a light layer of furniture polish. Rub the furniture polish in with a dry, soft cloth to shine up rims, hubcaps, bumpers, handles and more.

In addition to keeping the chrome on your vehicle clean, spray a small amount of furniture polish on your stovetop. Buff the polish into the surface with a microfiber cloth. As you're working, you'll begin to notice a shiny stove top that was not there before. Keep in mind that you may need to use more than one cloth if you notice that grease and stuck-on food is collecting on the cloth you're using.

Look around your home to find other items to use furniture polish on to see if you can save some money on cleaning supplies. Enjoy the free time that you gain from walking around the inside and outside of your home cleaning items with one product, and ask your house cleaning professional for other ideas on the use of furniture polish.