Learning About Cleaning Services

Things To Consider When Hiring A Cleaning Service

Many modern Americans find themselves too busy with work, school, family or social obligations to perform daily chores. When life gets hectic, one of the first things to go out the window is house cleaning. If you find yourself putting off doing the dishes, vacuuming, and getting laundry done, you might want to consider hiring a cleaning service. But if you've never relied on anyone to help you clean your home before, you might feel a bit unsure. What kinds of considerations are involved in making the decision on who to hire? Think of the ideas below to determine what you need.

Customer Base 

The first thing to do is make a short list of cleaning companies in your area. It's important to find out what each company's customer base is so you can figure out if they're right for you. A commercial cleaning service will have different specialties, tools, hours, and cleaning supplies than a residential cleaning service. Within residential services, some businesses might focus on landing contracts with apartment complexes for move-out services, or offer high-end, detailed cleaning for luxury homes. Find a business that offers the type of cleaning you need.


Next, think about how often you need help in your home. Some people just want someone to come deep-clean their home every season (especially Spring) to give them a blank slate. For others, once monthly cleanings supplement their sporadic cleaning efforts. You may find that a weekly cleaning service helps you feel calmer and more organized. Remember that frequent visits may cost more money, so ask the company if they offer long-term client discounts for your loyalty. 

List of Services

Once you've determined cleaning frequency, but before you speak with a representative, make a list of everything you would like to be cleaned. Prioritize these tasks into separate columns delineating how often you would like them done. For example, you might want the kitchen tidied every week, but the carpets only need to be shampoo'd once every 6 months. Write out every single cleaning item, from dusting ceiling fans to wiping down floorboards. Talk about each one with the representative to make sure they offer everything you're asking for. If you have specific requests, like organizing your closets or re-arranging your garage, the company might not offer it. It's best to ask beforehand just to make sure.

Cleaning Supplies 

Lastly, think about the kinds of cleaning supplies you want to be used in your home. Ask the cleaning company what brands of supplies they use. Some companies use wholesale supplies to save on money, but they might not be the highest quality. If you like everything else about a company, but don't approve of their cleaning supplies, you can always provide your own. 

Think about the considerations above before hiring a cleaning company, and you'll be able to narrow it down to a service that really suits your needs. Contact a local company, such as Service King, for further assistance.