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Promoting A Clean Workplace: 4 Ways You Can Keep Your Office Space Tidy

When you and your staff are constantly on the go, it can be difficult to keep the workplace clean, neat and tidy. Here are a few things that can be incorporated into your day-to-day office operations to promote a clean work environment:

1. Go Green and Start Recycling.

An office cleaning schedule is not worth a dime if it doesn't include an eco-friendly recycling program. Not only will this help to de-clutter the office, but it will also help improve the environment. If you've never recycled before, it can be tricky business trying to figure out what can and cannot be recycled. Get in touch with a recycling organization in your area who will provide color-coded bins or bins with clearly defined labels to make this process easy.

Make sure to put up some posters around the office and send out a mass e-mail every Friday to remind employees about recycling. You can set up a rewards program for those who take part in recycling.

2. Try to Go Paperless.

You'll never be able to rid your office of paper and paper products completely. However, you can reduce the mountain loads of paperwork that you constantly see on your employees' desks. One of the best ways to limit paper waste is by using e-mail for mass communication across the office rather than printing out enough memos to be passed around.

In addition, surveys can be created and distributed online, and these programs will typically analyze the data from the survey and generate a full report. An online forum for the employees to use could also be created, and computer programs that will allow computer screens to be shared with other employees can be beneficial in reducing paper as well.

3. Get Your Employees to De-Clutter Daily.

Clutter is one of the worst things in the office when it comes to motivation, state of mind and productivity of your staff, according to Forbes. When you're busy, you are not thinking about the clutter that is constantly piling up on your desk. By the time you do realize it, there is so much that has accumulated that it is intimidating and you don't want to mess with it.

To stay on top of things, schedule a time of day for employees to de-clutter their desks. Don't just make them do this, though; give them reason to do it with a rewards program. At the end of the day, you can walk around and check off who has or hasn't de-cluttered. Those who have will receive points. At the end of the week, pay period or even month, you can offer a simple reward, such as a gift card, meal voucher, etc.

4. Consider Outsourcing the Hard Stuff.

While there are plenty of office cleaning duties that you can handle on your own or your staff can take care of, there are also several tasks that simply need to be performed by a professional office cleaning company. These include carpets, ceilings and deep cleaning.

To maintain a clean and healthy office environment, contact a local company in your area like Paramount Janitorial Services  to negotiate an office cleaning contract.