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A Look At The Differences You Should Expect From A Green Cleaning Crew

When you run a busy operation, whether it is inside a factory or office, it is always a good idea to entrust the cleaning routine to a professionally contracted janitorial service. If you like to consider yourself an environmentally friendly business that gives a fair amount of attention to green concepts, you will definitely be interested to know more about green janitorial services. Unlike traditional cleaning crews, green janitorial services make sure to uphold the values of an environmentally-friendly company. Here are a few of the biggest differences you should expect if you hire a green cleaning crew over a tradition janitorial service.

A Specific Focus On Recycling Workplace Waste

If you hire a green janitorial service to take care of cleaning and trash removal in your place of business, you should expect to see a different way of handling the daily trash. Everything from paper products to bottles and cans will have a designated receptacle so that it can later be recycled. Additionally, paper products used during cleaning will be those made of recycled materials most of the time.

Utilizing Green Cleaning Solutions Instead of Harsh Chemicals

If you were to contract a traditional cleaning service to keep your workspace clean, you would expect to see a lot of chemicals used. Everything from harsh, chlorine-filled solutions to chemical-laden de-greasers would be used inside of your building. One of the key differences in a green-conscious janitorial service is the fact that they use only cleaning solutions that would be considered earth-friendly. For example, the cleaning crew will likely use biological cleaning agents, which contain active enzymes to kill bacteria, to scrub the bathrooms instead of using bleach.

The Implementation of Energy-Efficient Cleaning Devices

From floor scrubbers to excessive amounts of hot water, cleanup at a place of business can often require a great deal of energy. Green janitorial services do as much as possible to drastically cut the amount of energy that is used in cleaning projects. For example, they may opt for cleaning solutions that do not require the use of hot water or keep using electrical cleaning equipment to as much as a minimum as possible.

When you care about the environmental impact your business makes on the Earth, you will keep green concepts in mind in every avenue of your company. If you would like to know more about green janitorial services, be sure to talk to a company representative for more information.

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