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Four Ways To Reduce The Time It Takes To Clean Your Home

Cleaning your home can take hours. It's no wonder that a lot of people opt out of cleaning their home and let professional cleaners do it for them. Whether your trying to take care of some cleaning tasks on your own, or you are simply trying to keep your home looking nice between visits from the cleaners, the following tips can help. 

Pay Attention to the Type of Soap You Use

Tallow soaps can leave a residue on the tile work in your bathroom. As this scum builds up shower after shower and layer after layer, it can leave your shower looking dingy. Soap scum can be hard to remove, and if you are the kind of cleaner who get completely disheartened when you have to really work to clean something, then you should make your job easier by using a vegetable-oil-based soap which will leave less of a reside than tallow-based options. 

Use a Squeegee after Your Shower

Another option for helping to keep your bathtub or shower looking clean is to use a squeegee after you bathe. Start at the top of your walls and squeegee water down the walls and then down the drain. This will get rid of the residue left over from using the soap while you bathe before the water in the soap evaporates and leaves a dull yellow film of soap scum behind. 

Use Your Dishwasher

If you have toothbrush holders, dish drains, soap dishes, or other receptacles around your house that you need to clean, you can throw them in the dishwasher and let it do the cleaning for you. 

Steam Your Microwave

Food splatters in your microwave can get baked on the walls of your microwave making them very difficult to remove. Rather than scrub at these baked on splatters, you can put a cup of water in the microwave and heat it until it comes to boil. The steam from the boiling will help to loosen up the stains in your microwave and make them easier to remove with just a paper towel.

If you hate cleaning your house, you should be on the look out for anything you can do to make the task easier. Even if you have cleaners who come do the heavy work for you, you will occasionally face the need to clean up after a mess or get your house ready for guests. The tips described above can help make your job easier. If you want to hire professionals to get a jump start on cleaning, contact a company like Open Doors Cleaning.