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3 Tips For Keeping Your Oriental Rug Looking Great

Owning an Oriental rug can be intimidating. They're gorgeous pieces of art that rest on your floor, and as such, there are some things that you can do to help extend the life span of that art. Once you get comfortable with your rug, you won't feel nearly as intimidated by having it around.

Rotate the Rug Regularly

One of the things that your Oriental rug dealer probably told you was most important about caring for your new rug was to keep it away from sunlight. But that's not entirely possible, is it? It's also not entirely possible to keep the rug away from high traffic areas. No matter what, people are going to walk on the rug and it's going to be exposed to at least a little bit of sunlight. The answer, then, is to make sure that you rotate the rug regularly. At least every other month is usually enough to get the job done. What you're aiming for is to give all areas of the rug equal wear and tear, as well as sun exposure. That way if there is fading at all, at least it's evenly dispersed.

Vacuuming Does Good Things

You know how after you vacuum there are those vacuum cleaner lines? All parallel and perfect? You can see those lines because the action of vacuuming the rug helps to pull the fibers of the carpet back to their regular upright position. Walking and other activities on your Oriental rug crush down those fibers, eventually causing crush damage. Vacuuming well and often helps the fibers get back to where they should be and minimizes crush damage. Vacuuming also helps to remove dirt, which is actually very sharp on a microscopic level. Dirt can even cut the fibers in your rug, leading to severe damage eventually. The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends that you vacuum at least twice a week to help save your carpet from these problems.

Spot Clean Carefully

When you do have to clean up a spill, because there's really no way to avoid that forever, make sure that you do it carefully. Blot up liquids without rubbing, because rubbing can cause the stain to spread. Use club soda on stains because the bubbling action helps to loosen the stain without damaging the carpet. Avoid detergent or soap because the residue that gets left behind can damage the carpet fibers more than the stain itself.

If it's been a while since your rug has been properly cleaned, it's time to call in some expert Oriental rug cleaning services. They can make sure that your rug looks as good as new.