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Tips To Avoid Damaging Your Rugs

The rugs that you have around your home represent a sizable investment in the comfort and beauty of the house, and it is important for you to take proper care of them to ensure that they look great for many years to come. For those that are unsure of what is needed to care for their rugs, the following couple of tips can help ensure that some common mistakes that may seriously degrade the rug are avoided.

Never Vacuum Your Rug

Rugs can accumulate large amounts of dirt and debris from the foot traffic that pass over them. Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of vacuuming the rug, and while this may seem like a harmless decision, it can result in serious harm to the rug. The suction from the vacuum can loosen the threading of the rug. In addition to this source of damage, the vacuum can also remove the tassels from the fringing of the rug.

Rather than using a vacuum, you should remove the rug from the room and take it outside to vigorously shake it. This is the safest way of effectively removing these materials from the rug, while keeping it safe from having the threading loosened by the force of a vacuum.

Invest In Rug Padding

While rugs are meant to have people walking on them, the weight of these steps can compress the rug's fabric. When this happens, it can cause it to become thinner, which may make it easier for tears to occur. Luckily, you can help avoid this type of wear by investing in rug padding. This padding is designed to go under the rug, and it will absorb much of the impact and weight of the foot traffic.

Some people may avoid using these pads because they are concerned that they will make the rug slick. However, this is not the case, because these pads are designed to grip the floor, which will make sure that the rug stays in place when people are walking on it.

Maintaining your rugs does not have to be a difficult task, but it does require you to follow a couple of important tips to ensure that the rug does not sustain some common forms of damage. After you are aware of the dangers of using a vacuum cleaner on your rugs as well as the benefits of investing in rug pads, you will find that keeping your rug looking great is a relatively simple task.

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