Learning About Cleaning Services

Cut The Office Coughing And Sneezing Down: Cleaning Services You Need

If you are worried about illnesses around the office and you want to keep your staff healthy, there are some important cleaning habits you need to practice. If you have a cleaning company come but they don't come frequently enough or they don't do a great job, it's time to find another janitorial service (such as Elk Grove House Cleaning Referral Agency) for your commercial space.

There are a few things to ask about that may not be on the basic list of options they offer when they give you a quote for your space. These things will help keep the germs and illness and irritation from poor cleaning habits at bay. 

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning isn't a service that is usually provided with a routine cleaning package, but you should talk with the janitorial service about having it done. There are tons of bacteria that live in the carpeting that could be causing illness around your work space. Find out what the cost will be, and try to have it done once a week. 

Dust Removal

When you interview different janitorial companies, put an emphasis on dust removal in the space. You'll want it wiped off the different pieces of furniture in the building, and vacuumed out of the carpeting and furniture. Keeping dust out of the air can help prevent sinus infections and sinus problems throughout the year, which can lead to days off and the spread of germs.

Handle Cleaning

Cleaning the handles of all of the doors and the commonly used things like a cupboard or refrigerator seems like common knowledge for a cleaning company, but often it's something that gets skipped or missed. Ensure that the cleaning company will use a disinfecting cleaning agent every time they are at your offices on all of the handles and surfaces in the space, and not just scented cleanser.

Giving your staff members an extra sick day or two throughout the year--so they don't feel like they have to be at the office when they are sick--can also stop illness from spreading around to everyone. Offer hand sanitizer throughout the workplace so people can easily clean their hands after working in someone else's office or after dealing with a customer or client. The more options you give them to sanitize the higher the chances of them using it, and you should encourage people entering the building to clean their hands right away before they start working.