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5 Ways To Help Your Wife During Pregnancy

Being a dad-to-be is exciting but can also be nerve-wracking. You want to support your wife as she deals with the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy, but you may not always know how to do so. While your wife is the one carrying your child inside her and giving birth, you can still take an active role in the pregnancy. Here are five ways to help your wife during pregnancy:

Read Up

Having a baby can be overwhelming. After all, there is so much to learn and you will both soon have a huge new responsibility. Instead of letting her face this alone, read pregnancy and baby books on your own and share what you've learned, or read from these books together as a way to learn and bond. This list is a great place to start.

Give Her a Massage

Prenatal massage can help soothe your wife's nerves and lower her stress, while also easing some of the physical discomfort of pregnancy. Gently massaging her feet, back, or shoulders with massage oil before bed will make a big difference in her comfort level. A gift certificate for a prenatal massage will also be a much-appreciated gesture.

Hire a Cleaning Service

As the pregnancy advances, your wife's growing belly will make cleaning the house more challenging. While it's a great idea to help out with cleaning during the pregnancy and while the baby is small, paying for a house cleaning service is even better. This way your wife will rest easy knowing the house is being professionally and thoroughly cleaned just in time for the baby's arrival.

Accompany Her to Doctor Appointments

Taking time off work to accompany your wife to some of her doctor appointments is a great way to support her. You will be able to share in the excitement of monitoring the baby's growth and progress, making the pregnancy feel more like a shared experience.

Help Set up the Nursery

Don't leave the nursery set-up totally to your wife. By helping to put the crib together and decorate, you will remove some of her stress. In addition, the nursery is about to become a very special part of your home, and by helping to set it up you will feel a sense of pride and connection to it.

By helping your wife in these ways, you will help make her pregnancy easier while also bringing you both closer together.