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How To Properly Clean And Seal Tile Floors

Cleaning your tile and grout lines is absolutely essential if you want to maintain the original color and feel of tile. While you might frequently clean your floor with household surface cleaners and vacuuming, you will eventually need to clean it with special tile cleaning solutions. These solutions are very effective and easy to use. They are also helpful with cleaning and sealing the grout lines. This article explains how to clean and seal the tile floor and the grout lines. 

Removing Soap Scum and Gunk

The first step is to simply vacuum your floor to get rid of all the dust and dirt. If your grout lines have gunk for soap scum build up, you might want to try using soap scum remover before you use the tile cleaner. Use hot water in addition to the soap scum remover and give it a good scrub with a brush or rough sponge. At this point, you should clean the rest of the floor with tile cleaner. Most tile cleaners are the same, but there are some differences. For instance, don't use ceramic tile cleaner on a travertine floor. You will notice that the tile cleaner is also labeled as a sealer. The cleaner is meant to seal the tile and grout line, so spread it all over and give it a good run down with a sponge. Thai should restore the original tint and shine of the tile.

Seal the Grout

While the cleaner also claims to seal the tile, you should use special grout sealant on your tile after it is cleaned. The grout is always the most vulnerable part of any floor. If your floor is not adequately sealed, it could compromise the floor and allow water underneath the tile. Let the cleaner dry for a full day before applying the grout sealant. It is similarly easy to apply, you just spread it onto the floor (don't worry it can get all over the tile too) with lint-free rags. Let the sealant soak into the floor for a few minutes before wiping it up with dry rags. Repeat these steps for a second coat that will give your floor even more protection.

If you properly reseal your floor, you will not need to repeat the process as often. A sealed floor is easy to clean and more resistant to soap scum buildup. It will also protect the colors of the tile and reduce fading.  

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