Learning About Cleaning Services

How To Keep The Office Clean

Chances are that your workplace has many "communal" spaces that are designed for all employees to use. And, while having such spaces is a good way to keep your workers happy, keeping them clean throughout the day can be tough. Even people who keep their homes spotlessly clean tend to be guilty of not wiping up spills, leaving behind a dirty microwave, and leaving other messiness at work. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to encourage your workers to be cleaner; do keep in mind, though, that you'll also want to hire a professional cleaning service to really deep clean those messes at night so that you don't end up with a bug infestation or other problems.

Institute a "Throw it Out" Policy

One of the biggest problems many employers have is with employees who leave dirty coffee mugs and silverware sitting in the sink and who leave expired foods and drinks in the fridge. To prevent this problem in your workplace, institute a "throw it out" policy. Clearly state that after a certain number of days, any leftover containers or items left in the sink will be discarded. You can also institute a monthly cleanout of the fridge. When people lose their favorite mug or find those frozen leftovers tossed out, they'll eventually start picking up after themselves the way they should!

Treat Communal Spaces as a Privilege, Not a Right

If you've tried the "throw it out" policy and are still having problems, then it's time to remind your workers that having access to communal spaces is a privilege, not a right. As such, it's something that you, as the boss, can take away if you need to.

Start by sending your employees an email, reminding them that the break room or other room has been left dirty. Tell employees that if it is not cleaned up by a certain date, the room will become unavailable for use for a certain amount of time.

Obviously, if the room gets cleaned, you have nothing to worry about. If it doesn't, however, absolutely make sure you enforce the consequences you put out because, if you don't, no one will ever take your orders seriously!

Give Everyone a Job

One final thing you can do is to give each employee a specific cleanup job or task to do throughout the day. Have someone take out the trash and another person clean out the communal coffee pot.

Giving everyone something to do and a specific responsibility will keep employees on their toes and help them to incorporate cleaning into their daily routines.

It's a shame that it takes so much effort to get employees to clean up after themselves, but if you enact these tips, it should be second nature before too long! If you're looking for a cleaning service for the deeper aspects of cleaning your business, visit A Plus Cleaning Service Inc.