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What Causes Paint To Peel?

Painting your house is a huge job that takes a lot of work. However, sometimes after you paint you will notice that your paint is peeling causing your house to be the eyesore of the neighborhood and making all your hard work a waste of time. So what causes paint to peel?


The leading cause of nearly all painting issues is usually moisture. You will want to make sure that the surface that you are painting is caulked and waterproofed properly to ensure your paint doesn't peel. For instance, if water gets behind the wall you paint, then that is prime conditions for peeling paint. If you paint too soon after rain or if it rains soon after you paint, then this can also cause paint to peel.

Improper Preparation

It is important to properly prep any surface you are going to paint, especially outside where the surface is more vulnerable to the elements. The best and quickest way to prep an outside surface for paint is to pressure wash it. Just be sure to wait a day or so for the surface to dry before you paint and make sure to use a primer before you paint.

Poor Weather

As mentioned before, you want to watch the forecast carefully for rain, but rain isn't the only problem with the weather when you're painting outside. You don't want it too hot or too cold. Spring or fall is an ideal time to paint because of comfortable temperatures, not only for your, but for your paint job.

Poor Paint Choice

Unless your painting a brand new house that has never been painted, then chances are you will be painting over old paint. One major error that is made with painting over existing paint is to use the wrong paint type over the old paint. For instance, if you are painting over a house that has been painted using an oil base paint and you try to paint over it with a water based paint, then the chances are high that the paint will peel. The reason this happens is because water and oil don't mix so the paint will not bind well together.

Painting your exterior walls are no easy task and if you're going to tackle a job like that you want to do it right. Make sure to do your homework and prep the surface properly. Also, be patient with the weather and make sure you will have several days of good weather to ensure that your hard work won't be ruined. If you mindful of everything mentioned here, then you should end up with a beautiful paint job with no peeling. For more information or assistance in accomplishing your project without incident, contact a company like Lindas Country Cleaners.