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Got Water In Your Basement? Learn Why An Inspection Is Necessary

If your home had water in the basement, it will create issues that should be immediately addressed. It's important to have a water damage restoration company to come inspect your home for potential damage and let you know what should be repaired to get your home back to the way it one was. These are some of the items that will be inspected.

Structural Stability

The support beams and walls of the foundation will be inspected to make sure they are all as strong and stable as they should be. If you have wooden beams that were definitely exposed to water for an extended period of time, it could cause the need for them to be repaired or replaced.

Electrical Problems

If a wall outlet was completely submerged, it can create a dangerous situation for those in your home. The components of your electrical system will be evaluated to make sure there is not a risk of your home catching on fire. Be prepared for the reality that sections of your electrical system may need to be completely replaced to ensure your safety.

Furnace Flooding

Furnaces are typically installed in a home's basement. If water got inside the furnace, even while it was not running, chances are high that it needs replacement because of the parts that were exposed to water. Part of the inspection will involve evaluating the furnace and determining if parts of it can be replaced.

Mildew and Mold Growth

It's possible that the initial outlook seems good if there is not visible damage done by flooding. The truth is that mildew and mold could start growing in places that you are unable to see, such as behind drywall. Hiring a professional will ensure that a person with the proper equipment and experience is testing for mildew or mold growth in those hard-to-reach places.

Waterproofing Failures

If your basement flooded due to a failure of one of the waterproofing methods you have, such as exterior drain tiles, those items will be inspected for problems as well. Additional waterproofing methods may be recommended as a backup in case your primary method fails once again.

Having a water damage inspection performed should not take much time, and it will allow you to feel assured that your home is safe from potential problems. If problems are discovered, they will give you a cost for how much work is necessary to fix it.

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