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2 Reasons To Have Your Home's Air Ducts Cleaned

One of the most often overlooked home maintenance tasks is cleaning out your air ducts, which can be a major problem when you consider just how many issues this can cause for your home and family. Listed below are two reasons to have a professional clean out your air ducts at least every three to five years.

Reduce Heating and Cooling Unit Strain

A reason to clean your air ducts is to reduce the amount of strain on your heating and cooling units. When your ducts are dirty, it can greatly decrease the airflow from your heater and air conditioner. As a result, your heater and air conditioner have to work so much harder and stay on much longer to get your home to the temperature that you set.

Not only can this have a very large effect on the longevity of your heater or air conditioner and lead to expensive repairs or replacements, but it can also result in much higher utility bills. Consider having your ducts checked and cleaned more frequently if you have noticed an unusual increase in your heating or cooling bills or have noticed that the airflow from your vents is much lower than normal.

Improve Air Quality

You will want to consider cleaning out your vents in order to improve the air quality within your home. This is necessary because dust and allergens can build up in your vents and spread into the air when your heater or air conditioner turns on. Once the dust and allergens are in the air, your home can develop a musty odor and your family may begin experiencing health issues.

For example, poor indoor air quality can easily lead to more frequent and severe allergic reactions or make it difficult for someone with asthma or other respiratory issues to breathe easily in your home. In addition, mold can often develop in your ducts, which can spread throughout the home when mold spores are blown into the air, which can potentially lead to even more health issues. Consider having your air ducts cleaned immediately if you see dust coming out of the vent as soon your heater or air conditioner turns on.

Contact an air duct cleaning service today, like Memorable Air Care, in order to discuss the many benefits that a cleaning can provide for you and your family. After having your air ducts cleaned you can often experience reduced strain on your heating and cooling systems and improved air quality.