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Get The Scoop On The Importance Of Chimney Cleaning Before It's Too Late

Are you ready to light your fireplace? You may answer "yes," but perhaps you have not taken the time to have it cleaned. If you have not had it cleaned, then the answer to the question should be "not yet." This is because dirty fireplaces and chimneys pose several risks that you need to be aware of. 


If your chimney has not been properly cleaned, you run the risk of it creating the dangerous gas known as carbon monoxide. Inhaling this colorless and odorless gas can result in carbon monoxide poisoning and eventual death. This can happen in a short time frame. One reason that people do not survive carbon monoxide exposure is because the noxious gas can make individuals sleepy during poisoning incidents. If your chimney flue is not operating correctly or there is a blockage in the chimney, carbon monoxide poisoning is likely to occur when you are using your fireplace. Both of these are things that would be properly addressed during a chimney sweep service call.

Smoke Damage

Most people think of a burning fireplace as an ambient view. However, if you light your fireplace and it has not been cleaned, you run the risk of black and sooty smoke not exiting properly. This means that the area near your hearth may have soot stains around it. The soot can also spread to other areas of your home such as furniture, carpet, walls, and decorations, which can be difficult to clean. You will also likely have a smoke smell in your home that is comparable to the smell that lingers around after a home fire has occurred. You may have to seek professional services to get the smoke odor out of your home. This is why it is sensible to have your fireplace cleaned beforehand since it will be the source of these costly damages only if it is dirty. 

Fire Risks

You may think that a chimney fire would be obvious, but this is not always the case. Sometimes chimney fires burn slowly and spread throughout a home until the fire makes contact with a material or substance that is combustible enough to make the fire obvious. Once combustion occurs, the fire can spread quickly behind walls or on the roof. Dirty chimneys are a common reason that chimney fires occur. During a chimney sweep, creosote is removed from fireplaces. This is a combustible substance that is formed by burning wood and sticks to inner walls of chimneys. 

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