Learning About Cleaning Services

Ensuring Your Home Cleaning Service Cleans According To Your Standards

If you had contemplated hiring a full service house cleaning service to help you tend to the tasks necessary in keeping the interior of your house tidy, you may be a bit apprehensive about having someone else undertake the projects needed if you think they cannot perform according to your personal liking. There are a few steps you can take in making sure a cleaning service provides you with cleaning duties to your exact specifications. Try the following tips so your experience with the cleaning service you select will be one that will lead to subsequent sessions because of the superior job they provide.

Write Out A Detailed List For Your Cleaning Service

It is best to provide your cleaning person with a detailed list indicating which tasks you would like them to do while they are at your home. This can include information pertaining to the types of cleaning agents you would like used, if desired. Writing out this information will allow you to give the cleaning person details in how you would like basic tasks performed. For example, if the cleaning service is to vacuum your carpets, you can add a notation to avoid using the machine on the lowest setting on delicate rugs, or to use the crevice tool to remove dust along edges in the dining room. This will ensure you do not receive sub-par service in how you would like each activity completed.

Consider Giving Your Cleaning Person A Lesson

One great way to make sure your home is cleaned to your liking is to schedule an appointment with a cleaning service person to watch you as you do each task around the home. They will be able to take notes to remember how to do each cleaning activity so when it is their turn, they will not forget any important steps needed to get each area cleaned to perfection.

Provide Photographs For Your Cleaning Service

If you have particular ways to you fold clothing, wash your windows, dust your knickknacks, or wipe down your bathroom sink, a photograph can be left in these areas to show the cleaning person how you expect the area to appear after the cleaning process is completed. This will give the cleaning person a reference to look at as they do their procedures, ensuring they do not give up with activities before they are completely cleaned in the manner you expect them to be cleaned.