Learning About Cleaning Services

Tips For Hiring A Janitorial Service For Your Offices

If you are tired of always having to clean up your own office or having to employ your own cleaning staff, then you might be looking into hiring a janitorial service to clean your office a few times per week. This is the most affordable way for many businesses to keep their offices clean, and it also results in a cleaner office, since the janitors you hire are typically experts when it comes to cleaning. Hiring a janitorial service is not terrible challenging, but there are a few tips you should follow in the process.

1. Look for a Service That Specializes In Your Type of Business

If you have general offices with desks and computer workstations, most any janitorial service will be capable of handling your cleaning needs. However, if you are in a more specialized industry and have any manufacturing equipment, lab equipment, or medical supplies that need to be cleaned, you will want to look for a service that specializes in your industry. They will employ cleaners who know just how to work with and around these items without damaging them and while still rendering them clean.

2. Look Over Rates Carefully

It's not that janitorial services try to trick you or hide their rates, but sometimes, you may not realize what certain add-on services cost until your bills come. This is not a budget-conscious approach! Instead, tell the janitorial service what you need done, and then ask for a specific quote for those services. This way, you know exactly what you are paying. If the estimate is too high, see if there are certain tasks you can omit from the list or have done less often to keep costs down.

3. Ask For Green, Natural Cleaning Products

Chances are, someone in your office is sensitive to strong smells and harsh chemical odors. If you hire a cleaning team that uses a lot of strongly scented cleaners, these people won't be happy. So, look for a cleaning company that offers green, natural cleaning options. The result is better for your workers and for the environment.

4. Make Sure You Have Your Offices Cleaned Often Enough

You may be tempted to save money by only having your offices cleaned once a week or every two weeks, but this approach can backfire. Your office may be so dirty by the time cleaning day rolls around that it takes the janitor service longer to clean. They may then charge you a higher rate. Twice a week is a good starting point for cleaning in most industries. 

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