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3 Ways Your Janitorial Services Staff Can Help Prevent Illness

If you own a business, then you may have utilized the expertise of a commercial janitorial service company. A janitorial service provider not only can enhance the appearance of your business, but they can also help keep you and your staff from getting sick. Here are three ways your commercial janitorial services contractor can prevent illness in people working in your retail space.

Reduce Risk For Food-Borne Illness

If you have a business, your employees may enjoy ordering food from nearby restaurants. While bringing food into the workspace is often convenient for staff members, it can be forgotten for weeks in the refrigerator.

Old food in your refrigerator can spoil and grow mold, leaving your employees susceptible to food poisoning. Your janitorial service provider can periodically clean out your company's refrigerator and dispose of spoiled food.

This will prevent your staff from eating food that is contaminated with illness-causing microorganisms, and cut down on workplace absenteeism. After the spoiled food has been removed from the refrigerator, the janitorial staff can then clean the inside of the refrigerator to further ensure that harmful bacteria have been removed.

While most types of food poisoning and food-borne illnesses last only a couple days, other types can render your employees ill for months or even cause permanent disability in certain cases. 

Enhance Air Quality

Air-borne dust particles and debris are especially detrimental to those with allergies, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and asthma. They can also lead to symptoms in people without these health conditions. They include itchy, watery eyes, rashes, sore throats, and coughing.

Your commercial janitorial service staff can reduce circulating airborne particulate by cleaning the surfaces of desks, office equipment, and other surfaces. They can also vacuum vents and radiator grills so that the accumulation of dirt does not escape into the air.

The cleaning service staff can also change your furnace air filters, which will help trap air particles before they get blown out into your workspaces. The cleaning staff can also give you tips on how to further enhance the quality of your indoor air through measures such as using portable air purifiers and keeping your windows closed during times of high pollen counts. 

Decrease Pest Invasion

By emptying trashcans so that garbage does not sit out overnight, vacuuming up food particles, and ensuring overall cleanliness of your business, the incidence of pest invasion will be kept to a minimum. If your cleaning service staff notices the presence of bugs inside your business, they will recommend measures to mitigate the infestation.

Such measures may include non-toxic or natural pesticides, drain screens to keep bugs out of your sinks, and ensuring that outdoor garbage cans are covered at all times. If these strategies are not enough to keep stubborn pests out of your establishment, your janitorial service provider can recommend a professional exterminator to help eliminate the problem once and for all. Bugs and rodents that inhabit your business can make you and your employees sick. Your cleaning service staff will help make sure that your environment is pest-free, safe, and clean. 

If you own a business, seek the expertise of a janitorial services company to keep your environment clean. By doing so, your place of business will not only look aesthetically pleasing, but it will also help prevent food-borne and airborne illnesses from developing in your employees while reducing the risk for illnesses related to the infestation of insects and rodents.

When working in a safe and clean environment, your employees will be happier, healthier, and more productive. This will also prevent excess call-ins and will help reduce workload fatigue on other employees when their co-workers take sick days.