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4 Ways To Get Rid Of Stains And Marks From Tile Flooring

If you have tile flooring, you know that some stains can be tough to remove from your tile floor. Luckily, you can get rid of most stains on your tile floor with common household items. Here are some tricks for cleaning your tile floor and making your tile floor look great.

#1 Getting Rid of Black Marks

Black marks are common on tile floors. The black marks are often left by shoes. Dress shoes, tennis shoes, all sorts of types of shoes leave behind black marks. These black marks don't tend to go away by simply mopping your floor.

One way to deal with the black marks is with a simple eraser. Get a big eraser and just try to erase the marks like you are erasing a mistake on a piece of paper. Just a regular eraser should help you get rid of the black marks.

Another way to get rid of the black marks is with lighter fluid. You can put a very small amount of lighter fluid on a paper towel, and then use the paper towel to easily wipe away the black marks.

#2 Getting Rid of Random Marks

If you have marks on your tile floor that you can't get rid of with the eraser or with the lighter fluid, you are going to want to try a different method. Steel wool works great on all kinds of marks and smudges on your tile floor.

Take a steel wool soap pad, and get it a little wet. Then, take the pad and scrub the area lightly. Once the mark is gone, use a damp cloth to clean the floor.

#3 Remove Dirt & Grime

Sometimes, dirt and grime seem to settle into tile flooring. When mopping doesn't do the job, you are going to want to use something else. Freshly brewed tea is actually a really excellent way to remove stains from a tile floor. What you are going to want to do is boil a few tea bags in a liter of water. Allow the water to cool, then clean your floor with that water. After you clean your floor, use a soft cloth to buff your tile floor clean. The properties of the tea should help to lift up and remove the dirt from your tile floor.

#4 Getting Rid of Water Spots

If you have water spots or soap scum on your tile floor, you are going to need to clean your floor with a vinegar-based solution. Mix together half a cup of vinegar, ammonia, and borax with about a gallon of water. This solution will remove water marks and cut through scum on your floor. After you clean with this solution, rinse the area off with some clean, cool water and allow your flooring to air dry.

If your tile flooring is a little tough to clean, try one of the ideas above. Oftentimes, the simplest method is the best method for cleaning your tile flooring. For professional help, contact a service like Mountain Meadow Maids.