Learning About Cleaning Services

What You Should Know About Trauma Scene Cleanup Services

Even if you're not currently facing a crisis of finding a dead body in your house, it is important to know some important points about trauma scene cleanup services. You likely understand that these situations can cause high stress and anxiety. Knowing more about this type of service can help you get through a tragic event when you are going to need their help. Here are some of the things that you will want to know about this type of service.

They Do Not Transport The Deceased

Some people have made the mistake of assuming that the trauma scene cleanup company will remove the bodies of anyone deceased. That is not what happens. Instead, the bodies must be kept in the exact location that they were found and you should not touch them. The coroner will come to the scene, declare their passing, and then arrange to have the deceased taken to either the morgue or to their clinic if an autopsy is going to be performed. Doctors perform autopsies in order to determine the cause of death when it is not overly obvious.

They Can Remove Bodily Fluids But Not the Stains

Once the body or bodies are removed from the scene, the trauma scene cleanup crew can begin to work on cleaning the area where the deceased where found. The fluids that may need to be cleaned up include blood, urine, and even internal organ matter depending on the severity of the scene. In some cases, the extent of the cleanup may stretch throughout your building. Even though the crew will do an excellent job, their work does not include removing any stains that may have been left by fluids such as blood. They are simply called to remove the excess fluid and sanitize the area. If you want stains removed, you will have to do that yourself, which may include doing things like simply replacing the carpet and painting over the walls again.

Now that you have had a chance to learn a little more about trauma scene cleanup services, you will be better prepared with what to expect should you ever need to give them a call for some services. Also, the police or coroner at a traumatic scene may also have that information readily available to give to whoever needs it at that time. Luckily, you have many helpful services at your disposal during such a traumatic event.