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Manage An Office? 4 Cleaning Extras Worth Considering For Worker Satisfaction

Part of managing an office involves keeping it clean so that everyone can work comfortably. While you may be used to getting office cleaning service with the goal of maintaining a clean workspace, you may not be familiar with how you can go above and beyond to create a better situation.

If one of your top goals is to further improve worker satisfaction, you should think about all the ways that you can get help from an office janitor to make this happen.

Premium Supplies

When you get office cleaning, you may want professionals to replace everything from toilet paper to soap. While you may be mostly satisfied with the supplies that they use, you may want to step it up a notch by requesting premium supplies as this will make your workplace more luxurious.

Getting your employees to feel like the workplace is an upgrade when compared to their home in certain ways is one way to make them look forward to coming to work.

Air Fresheners

Although you may find that your office smells quite nice with routine cleaning, you may want to go a step further in making sure that it always has a pleasant smell. This is something that you can do by putting air fresheners throughout the office, especially inside the restroom.

While an air freshener can eliminate or mask undesirable odors, you should consider experimenting with different scents and getting feedback from your employees until you find one that most of the workers like as this will lead to the greatest outcome.

Office Setup

When an office cleaning company comes over to service the workspace, you may not expect them to do anything more than make everything clean. But, if you have an event coming up, you should not hesitate to ask professionals to help you with organizing the entire office. This means letting them handle the cleaning as normal but also putting furniture and other items in different areas.


During certain times of the year, many office workers may be more susceptible to illness such as when the flu is going around. Instead of continuing with the same office cleaning scheduling and services, you may want to add disinfectant service to the mix to help with avoiding sickness.

When you commit to getting extra cleaning services in your office, you should have a much easier time making your employees happy throughout the year.