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Common Stair Carpet Problems And How They Are Mended

You adore the vintage carpeting on the stairway in your home, but it may have a few issues. Here are a few issues that can come up with stair carpeting and how professionals can help. 

Problem: The edges of the carpet are fraying. 

Fraying carpet edges on the stairs is a common issue as the carpet pulls loose from the tacking that holds it at the edges. Thankfully, this issue is usually relatively easy to solve by stretching the carpet horizontally and retucking and retacking the edges. 

Problem: The carpet is stained to a point that you can't remove the spots. 

Stains are bound to happen on your stairway carpet, and these spots can be hard to remove. If you have stains that you can't eradicate no matter how much you try, it is best to get in touch with a carpet stair repair professional for help. In some cases, they can use industry tricks to get rid of stains, but if not, they may be able to patch the carpet with a piece from another place in the house. 

Problem: There are runs in the carpet. 

Carpet is generally woven through a backing, which means if one strand of the fiber works its way loose, it can create an unsightly run across a long span of the carpet. If you still have the thread that came loose, there is a chance that it can be woven back in place by a professional. If not, the professional may use threads from a different section of the carpet to recreate the proper weave and make the run less noticeable. 

Problem: The carpet is pulling loose and wrinkling or bunching. 

Over time, the carpet backing can get stretched, especially in high-traffic areas like on the stairs. As this happens, you can experience bunching and wrinkles in the carpet, which can pose a trip hazard as you go up and down the stairs. A professional who is experienced with carpet stair repair can use special equipment to restretch the carpet and reattach it along the edges of the stairs. 

Problem: The carpet is ripped at the edges. 

When carpet is installed on the stairs, it gets folded into all kinds of corners and creases. Unfortunately, this can mean there are several points where the carpet could rip, especially at cut corners. Depending on the size of the rip, most professionals can mend these issues by hand-stitching the rip back together with a durable thread and then using an adhesive to secure the carpet in place on the stairs. 

To learn more, contact a carpet stair repair contractor.