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Often Overlooked Spots To Clean At Schools

With so many kids packed in one place, it's no surprise that schools get messy, and fast! Regular cleaning will help keep spaces tidy while also reducing the spread of germs. However, school cleaners sometimes overlook areas and surfaces that are dirtier than they seem. Here are some often-overlooked spots to make sure you (or your cleaning team) address for a healthier school environment.


Keyboards may not start to look dirty very quickly, but think about how many different students touch them each day. And they touch the keyboards with their fingers, which they probably also use to touch their noses and mouths. Keyboards are a hotbed for germs, including those that cause the common cold and the flu. Have your cleaners wipe down the keyboards with a disinfecting spray daily. The same goes for the mouse!

Couches and Soft Chairs

Does your school have sofas or plush chairs in common areas like the student lounges or libraries? These often get overlooked because they can't be wiped down with a damp cloth like the hard chairs and tables. But they can and do hold onto dirt, germs, and odors. Have your cleaning team sprinkle them with some deodorizing powder (or even plain baking powder) once a week. Let the powder sit for an hour or two to absorb odors and moisture, and then vacuum it up.

Book Covers

Shared books, like those that sit in the library or on a shelf in the classroom, can pass on germs since so many kids touch them and breathe over them. Obviously you can't have your cleaning team wipe down ever book in the library in a time-efficient manner. However, you can have your librarians leave "returned" books on one shelf or in one bin for the cleaners to wipe down each night. They can use a cloth that has been lightly sprayed with disinfectant. Then, the librarians can return those books to the shelves the next morning after they've been cleaned.

Hallway Walls

Although hallway floors are generally cleaned pretty often, the walls tend to be ignored. They do, however, get contaminated easily since students are often leaning against them and touching them. You should have your cleaning team wipe down the walls once a week, if not more. This is easy to do with a "dry" mop that has been spritzed with a little disinfectant cleaner.

The cleaner the school, the healthier the students and teachers will be. Have your cleaning team clean the items above more often. Contact a company that offers school cleaning services to learn more.