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3 Reasons To Use A Laundromat

If your apartment building has washers and dryers in the basement, then you can do your laundry in the building. This may seem easier than installing your own appliances in a small apartment.

However, this isn't always an ideal solution. You may find it easier to use a laundromat instead. What are the benefits of taking your laundry off-site?

1. Avoid Frustrating Waits

While it's convenient to have a laundry room in your building, you won't always get the access you want. You may find it hard to time your visits so that you can grab a free machine when you need it. You'll get frustrated if someone leaves their laundry in a washer or dryer for hours after it has finished so that you can't use it.

Plus, you may find that the machines in your basement aren't always working. If one breaks down, you could have a lengthy wait until your super fixes it or calls out a repair service.

If you visit a local laundromat, then you get access to more machines. While every service will have busy periods, it's not hard to find quieter times when you can do your laundry quickly.

You'll likely find that broken washers or dryers are fixed quickly and efficiently. The laundromat needs working machines to make money after all.

2. Get Access to Bigger Machines

If you tend to leave your laundry until you've collected a lot of dirty clothes, then you may not be able to fit everything into your basement washer or dryer. You may need to use two machines or run two loads. This won't make you popular with your neighbors.

Plus, there will be times when you need to wash larger items. Things like comforters won't always fit into standard domestic washers or dryers.

Laundromats use larger washers and dryers. They have an increased capacity. So, you should be able to run even a huge mound of laundry in one load. You can also wash and dry bulkier items more easily.

3. Get Help With Your Laundry

Even if you find it relaxing to do laundry, it's not always easy to fit this job into a busy schedule. You may not have time to sit and wait for everything to wash and dry.

Some laundromats offer additional services that can help you out here. For example, you can pay for a wash, dry, and fold service. You simply drop off your laundry and pick it up again later. All you need to do then is to put everything away when you get home.

To find out more, take a visit to a local laundromat.