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Four Cleaning Strategies To Maintain Warehouse Operations In A Pandemic

Warehouses face unique challenges when it comes to operating safely during a pandemic. With potentially large crews of workers across multiple shifts and a variety of high-touch surfaces, these spaces require a thoughtful approach to cleaning and sanitizing. Hiring a warehouse facility cleaning service can help you mitigate risk and stay open throughout a public health crisis. Here are some strategies to discuss with your cleaning service to help prevent the spread of germs and disease in your workplace.

Electrostatic Cleaning Sprays

Electrostatic cleaning sprays offer a powerful option to help disinfect a wide range of surfaces. This method adds a positive charge to cleaning solutions, creating a coating that protects hard surfaces. The spray devices must be used with approved solutions, and proper PPE should be worn when using this and other cleaning methods. Your cleaning service should have the expertise required to use this method effectively, so be sure you ask about the procedure before you make a hiring decision. It's a good idea to employ electrostatic cleaning sprays between shifts to minimize staff contact with the solutions.

Hospital-Grade Disinfectants And Cleaners

While some store-bought traditional cleaners might promise to kill a certain percentage of germs, you want to make sure you have the most effective chemical solutions for your warehouse. Ask about the products your cleaning service will use, making sure to ask if they are medical-grade or hospital-grade. The cleaners used in medical settings may provide broad protection against a range of viruses, including coronaviruses, to give your staff greater peace of mind every time they clock in.

Regular High-Touch Disinfecting

For high-touch surfaces in your warehouse, including door handles, control pads, and computer keyboards, consider having your cleaning crew disinfect at regular intervals throughout the day. You might choose an hourly approach for this task, but your cleaning service can help come up with a schedule that minimizes work interruptions as much as possible. For example, the cleaning staff might work their way through the warehouse in sections, waiting until lunch and break time to disinfect, when your employees are not on the warehouse floor.

Touchless Technology

Consider looking at ways you can minimize the number of high-touch surfaces throughout your warehouse. Sensor-operated trash bins, time clocks, and doors are a few options that can help minimize the spread of germs. Your cleaning crew can still disinfect these surfaces regularly to mitigate any germs left behind by aerosol sprays or manual operation. The fewer surfaces your staff needs to touch each day, the more difficult it might be for viruses, bacteria, and other harmful particles to spread throughout the facility.