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Keys To Successfully Encapsulating A Crawlspace

Thanks to a crawlspace, contractors have a much easier time getting to certain systems of a home including wiring and plumbing. However, these areas often aren't encapsulated, which is a process you definitely want to consider for protection against pests and mold. Just make sure you take these steps when carrying out this type of property adjustment. 

Choose Lining Materials That Are Dependable 

During crawlspace encapsulation, lining materials are placed around this area to seal it off completely. The success of this process can depend on the lining materials you choose to use from the beginning, so make sure you make your selection wisely.

So that this lining is able to last for a long time around this area of your home, focus on a strong material that can resist damage. Polyethylene is a staple lining material that is heat- and water-resistant. It's also very easy to work with and can even be pre-cut before it ships to your property.

Make Sure Pests Truly Can't Get Through

If one of your goals when encapsulating a crawlspace is to keep pests from coming in, then you need to verify this design after you get done installing all of the lining materials. A pest control expert will be a helpful party to consult with.

They know how pests are able to get into properties, so having them look at your encapsulation methods is important for ensuring you've achieved a pest-proof design. If there are issues like materials not being durable enough, they can help you fix them before you have a pest problem on your hand.

Remove Debris and Flatten the Surrounding Area

Having an exposed crawlspace area probably means there are some adjustments you need to make, especially if the crawlspace is directly below your home where there is dirt. You want to first focus on clearing out as much debris as you can.

Then you'll have an easier time flattening out the ground portions where your lining materials are going. Once you achieve a smooth and debris-free space, lining materials will lay down flat and that's key for sealing off the crawlspace properly.

If you have a crawlspace and are tired of dealing with issues like pest activity and mold problems, then you can encapsulate the entire area. This is where you put lining materials to block it off. As long as you know what materials to use and what areas to focus on, this renovation will be worth the effort you put into it. Reach out to a crawlspace encapsulation service to get started.