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6 Signs You Need Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Do you manage a restaurant? Do you hire regular cleaning services to clean the hoods? If not, then it's time to consider hiring cleaners. Beyond being a good safety measure, there are signs that indicate the need for regular maintenance and cleaning. Below are 6 signs that indicate a need for a professional restaurant hood cleaning service.

1. Loud Sirens When Fan Starts Running 

If you hear loud sirens when your exhaust fan turns on, it means that accumulated grease is not being disposed of properly. Without proper cleaning, smoke will eventually stop going up through the ducts and it will start overflowing into the kitchen instead. You need to clean the filters thoroughly before the situation gets worse.

2. Tremendous Smoke When the Fan is Turned On

When your exhaust system starts working, it should not produce smoke. If it does, this is a sign that there's lint in the filters and ducts. As this situation will only get worse, you need to clean them as soon as possible, or else they will completely stop becoming functional. Grease-covered filters accumulate fire hazards. It would be much more beneficial for you if you cooperate with professional cleaners who can do the cleaning work quickly and efficiently.

3. Food Debris on Sides of Ducts

When food particles get stuck on the sides of the ducts, this means that they're dirty and require thorough cleaning as soon as possible. If not taken care of immediately, it will cause odor problems later on. For effective results, contact professional cleaners who have experience in this area and know how to handle the job properly.

4. Duct Panels Not Properly Attached

Duct panels should always be tightly secured to keep them from moving and vibrating too much. This is necessary so they don't fall off completely, which can cause duct blockages. If you notice any missing clips, broken clamps, or disconnected ducts, it's time for restaurant hood cleaning because this situation causes extra stress on the exhaust system. You need to take care of this immediately before further complications arise.

5. Dust on the Vents Above Stove or Oven

Dust might indicate that your filters are no longer working and need professional cleaning. Unfortunately, cooking dust is very flammable and can cause a fire if it accumulates too much due to non-functional filtration systems.

6. Fire Alarm Going Off Frequently

If you hear the alarm go off too often without any apparent reason, then you have to check the ventilation hood for proper maintenance. Otherwise, fire will eventually break out in your kitchen which can lead to serious injuries or even death if not dealt with quickly enough.