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Do You Need To Hire A Crawlspace Encapsulation Service?

A crawlspace is that little space under your home that may also be considered a small basement. It's often where the appliances like a heater and water heater go and can also be used for storage. Sometimes this space under the home stays dry and free from issues and at other times it leaks, gets moldy, or otherwise shows signs of damage and repair needs.

A crawlspace encapsulation service is a type of service that allows you to make your crawlspace more waterproof. Since the area is underground, it's often in your best interest to have the crawlspace encapsulated if you see any signs of damage or water issues at all.

Do you need to hire a crawlspace encapsulation service? You might, and here are signs you should call a company. The sooner you have the service done, the cheaper and faster it can be finished so you can have excellent results.

Your basement or foundation leaks

Do you have a recurring or known leak in your basement or crawlspace area? If so, then you should consider crawlspace encapsulation services. This will help you take care of the leaking in your crawlspace and make it safer to use for storage or to keep your household appliances in the basement area (including the sump pump, water reservoir, or even your heater and water heater) safe from moisture damage.

If you have never had a basement or foundation leak, you're in luck: a crawlspace encapsulation service can still come to your property and make the necessary waterproofing adjustments to this area to keep it safe and sound against future moisture issues.

Your crawlspace looks moldy or mildewed

One of the easiest ways to tell if you need crawlspace encapsulation services or not is to look in the crawlspace and see if there is mold or mildew. Or, you can look and see if there is a dirty or moldy smell coming from the area. If items you store in the basement are starting to stink and smell of mildew, then your crawlspace is likely to blame.

You'll want to ventilate the area first and then make the necessary waterproofing adjustments. Your crawlspace encapsulation company will be the professionals you can rely on to get you the repairs you need to keep your basement area safe. If you would like to know more, call a crawlspace encapsulation service to get recommendations and a quote for waterproofing.