Learning About Cleaning Services

A Pressure Washing Service Can Clean The Roof And Siding On Your Home To Give Them A Fresh Look

If your house is in the shade most of the day, you might have problems with algae stains on the siding and roof. These areas can be difficult to reach, and that makes it hard to get rid of the stains. Hiring a pressure washing service might be the best idea.

You could rent a pressure washer, but using it on siding and roofing is dangerous for you and you could harm the roof too. Special techniques are needed so the siding and roofing aren't damaged. Here are pointers for pressure washing your home.

Always Adjust The Pressure To The Material

The pressure setting on a pressure washer can be adjusted from low to high. It's important to use the lowest pressure needed on roofing and siding so no damage is caused. A pressure washing service knows how to protect your roofing while it's being cleaned.

Different roofing materials can be damaged in different ways. Pressures that are too high can dent aluminum roofing, crack clay tiles, and tear off asphalt shingles. Even low pressures can scrape granules off of shingles, so shingles need to be washed with the lowest setting possible, which is often a soft wash.

Use The Right Attachment For The Water Stream

Nozzles spray at different pressures and the spray pattern is changed according to the nozzle used. A wide fan pattern is less damaging than a single stream of water under high pressure. The cleaner might even use a bonnet cleaner instead of a nozzle on your roof. This machine looks similar to a floor buffer and is able to clean larger areas at once without streaking.

Cleaners And Algae Killers Should Be Used Too

When you can't use a high-pressure washing setting because of the risk of damage, it's a good idea to apply roof cleaning chemicals and algaecide to help break up the dirt and stains. The pressure washing service may apply these treatments with an attachment for the pressure washer.

By applying the chemicals and giving them time to work, less pressure will be more effective and mainly needed to spray away the cleaners and broken down stains.

Control The Water With Proper Techniques

When your pressure washing service washes siding and roofing, it's important to control the water so none of it gets under the siding or roofing. This might happen if the wand isn't held in the right position and water is driven under clay tiles, shingles, or siding panels.

A pressure washing professional knows how to use good techniques when washing different materials so problems with water damage are avoided.  

For more info about pressure washing services, contact a local company.