3 Reasons To Hire Professional Cleaners After Moving Into A New Office

Moving to a new office can be overwhelming due to needing to have all the equipment set up, as well as get your employees comfortable in the location. One thing that you won't want to worry about when getting settled into a new office is the cleaning that will be needed, making it a good place to start when getting settled in. Consider the following reasons why hiring professional cleaners can be a great decision after moving into an office. [Read More]

3 Reasons To Use A Laundromat

If your apartment building has washers and dryers in the basement, then you can do your laundry in the building. This may seem easier than installing your own appliances in a small apartment. However, this isn't always an ideal solution. You may find it easier to use a laundromat instead. What are the benefits of taking your laundry off-site? 1. Avoid Frustrating Waits While it's convenient to have a laundry room in your building, you won't always get the access you want. [Read More]

If You Clean Your Own Carpets, Follow These Tips For Fresh Results

Having your carpets professionally cleaned is definitely preferable to doing it yourself. Professionals have powerful extraction equipment and specially formulated shampoo to ensure amazing results. However, if you cannot afford professional cleaning or can't find a carpet cleaning company that services your area, home carpet shampooing is better than nothing. You'll just want to follow the tips below to ensure your carpet ends up smelling fresh and clean afterwards. Use a shampoo solution with baking soda. [Read More]

Often Overlooked Spots To Clean At Schools

With so many kids packed in one place, it's no surprise that schools get messy, and fast! Regular cleaning will help keep spaces tidy while also reducing the spread of germs. However, school cleaners sometimes overlook areas and surfaces that are dirtier than they seem. Here are some often-overlooked spots to make sure you (or your cleaning team) address for a healthier school environment. Keyboards Keyboards may not start to look dirty very quickly, but think about how many different students touch them each day. [Read More]